BREAKDOWN | Amazing Spider-Man: Last Legs, by Dan Slott

This week, New to Comics returns with Last Legs, the story from The Amazing Spider-Man #600, which marks a turning point for Doctor Octopus, and the changes within, in turn, would go on to influence the super-villain’s portrayal in the new Spider-Man game. 

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BREAKDOWN | Ultimate Spider-Man: Learning Curve, by Brian Bendis

PS4’s Spider-Man has been played, reviewed and completed. So now it’s time to look at some comic-books you may want to check out if you loved swinging around New York City and dug the story behind Marvel’s newest game.

This week we’re looking at volume two of Ultimate Spider-Man, in which Spider-Man fights the Kingpin.

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I love Spider-Man. He’s my favourite super-hero. So when it became obvious I wouldn’t be able to resist the draw of his new game, I traded in my Xbox for a PlayStation, hoping to try my hand at some of their exclusive titles. But with the game in hand, why not look at the comics that feed into this fantastic game?

With some borrowed content from, New to Comics presents our next theme, Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 – starting with a review of the game itself! 

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