Is DC’s Cinematic Universe really that bad?

Having just posted my review of Justice League on here, it seems like a good time to share a new article I wrote for Cultured Vultures.

The idea came about while I was chatting to a friend at work and started pointing out that overall, despite the generally negative opinion around the franchise, I actually quite like most of the films.

I loved Man of Steel; Wonder Woman, as everyone knows was pretty great; and I thought Justice League was undeserving of all the hate it received.

From what I remembered, I even thought Suicide Squad was an enjoyable flick.

So I started rewatching the films (leaving out Wonder Woman, whose merits don’t need to be argued) with the intention of writing an article about it.

Justice League

You can also check out my Justice League review, if you’re so inclined. I also have more comic-book movie reviews available on my other blog, Emrys Moungabio’s Geek Space.

Having watched the films, I still love Man of Steel; I actually didn’t mind Dawn of Justice; and I still think Justice League is a very enjoyable film.

However, my new opinion on Suicide Squad is that it’s terrible.

Anyway, enough with all the preamble:

If you fancy reading the article in question, you can do so here.

Please check it out, it would be greatly appreciated. And please ignore the unfortunate timing that this article came up just before Henry Cavill left the role of Superman, once again proving that these films perhaps aren’t in the best hands.

I’ll be back with more Justice League content later this week. See you then!


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